My Online Services

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For all types of online counselling, there is less ‘social stigma’.  No one needs to know that you’re having therapy.  Also, not being seen can allow the client to get to the core of the issue more quickly.  This is known as the ‘disinhibition effect’.  Getting there quickly can save time when we’re working together, I will check with you regularly how you are feeling about the process and that you still feel safe.

Many of us have become used to Zoom meetings since the pandemic but experience of this is not necessary in order to have counselling this way.  All you need to do is download the Zoom app and then I’ll send you a link to join the meeting a few minutes before your appointment.  I am subscribed to the Pro version of Zoom so the stability of connection is usually good.


The Zoom sessions can be scheduled in much the same way as face-to-face so we would agree a regular weekly day and time.  However, some clients choose to switch to fortnightly after a while.

You are in the comfort of your own home or flexibility where to have your session

No travelling time or costs to get to the therapy room

Easy to fit in around work, eg at lunchtime, before work

A sense of connection between counsellor and client


It might be difficult to find a confidental space away from others

You can send me one email per week and I would answer within 48 hours, Monday to Fridays except Bank Holidays when the response time may be longer.
You may reach me at

Advantages of using email:


A comfortable way of communicating for those who like to express themselves in writing

Freedom to email from anywhere you choose, in private

Freedom to email at any time you choose

Time to consider what it is you want to say clearly

You can keep a record of messages to revisit later


Disadvantages of using email:


Response isn’t immediate but if you wish, you can switch to instant messaging. 

Young people, in particular, are very used to instant messaging. 


Advantages of instant messaging:


Response is immediate

Feeling of freedom to use ‘talk’ in your usual way (no spelling or grammar police!)

Sense of connecton between counsellor and client due to relaxed feel

Discreet – message from anywhere in private

Popular with young people

You can keep a record of the messages to revisit later




Lack of visual cues

Phone sessions are also available.  If you choose this option, you may find it comfortable to use a headset as it can be tiring holding a phone for the duration of a session, especially if you’re already feeling tense.

I have invested in and trained to use some software called Pro Real. As a client, you have a virtual world and the freedom to introduce avatars which you can label, move around, customise (posture, colour, emotional state & inner thoughts) whilst I am alongside you as your therapist. You can introduce a number of different avatars to represent other people or alternative aspects of your self.


The landscape is boundaried and its geographical features can be symbolic for how you feel in a certain situation or environment. There are props and although limited in number, metaphorically, they have many purposes and can be manipulated into different sizes and orientations.


Pro Real is not a computer game, there is no winning or losing, no ‘levelling-up’. If you are a gaming veteran, you will probably get the hang of the controls immediately but it doesn’t matter if you are not. I’m no gamer and even I can move things around!


One advantage of Pro Real is being able to look at a situation from a variety of perspectives. Being the author of your own story is also very empowering, whether it’s telling what has happened or playing with ideas for what could happen in the future.


Here is a link to what Pro Real looks like: