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Are you sitting comfortably?

Talking therapy is a very private, safe space to tell our stories, where we can make some meaning of what has happened (even where there is pain) and work out what might come next. It’s incredible just how powerful it is to have our stories heard by someone else not involved in the situation and without judgement.

Earlier humans communicated stories to their communities, perhaps to warn others of threats, ensuring the survival of the species.  Now, we don’t necessarily always have to make everything public (!) but the process of sharing feelings whether it's through the spoken word or a mark on the page can give us renewed energy & hope. 

Sunflowers growing together
A sunflower standing tall in bloom

Reaching Out into the Unknown

One reason it can be hard to find a therapist is that it most likely has to be done when we’re feeling at our most vulnerable.  Trusting a stranger when we are already wary of the world is no easy thing. For myself, I wanted a sense of safety, warmth & acceptance, someone to trust with my feelings and to help me work through them.


I offer a free, introductory session so that you can decide whether you are going to feel comfortable working with me.  It will also be an opportunity for me to let you know if I am able to work with the types of issues you may be experiencing. 

There is no pressure for you to decide right away whether I am the right fit for you & I would always recommend contacting a few different therapists.

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