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Understanding Grief & Loss

Feelings of grief are likely to occur following a bereavement but also upon the loss of anything that’s important to us. It could be a relationship, job, home, lifestyle, health or the loss of a future we had planned for.

Unfortunately, grief is not something we can avoid, we have to go through it in order to accept what has happened an move on. Neither is the grieving process a linear one, our feelings can fluctuate from one moment to another. We may have lots of ‘should’ type feelings over the ‘right’ way to grieve. It may be difficult to process the loss because of feeling that we have to appear strong for those around us. Or it may be that an earlier loss has been triggered by a recent event.

Feeling loss is a natural part of life, just as love is. It is unpredictable, painful, complicated and so tempting to wrap it up in a box and hide it away. Talking through your feelings of loss with a counsellor can help you to process it in safety.

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