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Life is full of ups and downs but sometimes, the down times are so bad that we can’t get up. Losing interest in what we normally enjoy, withdrawing from our social circles, sleeping too much or finding hard to sleep, loss of appetite or overeating are all symptoms of depression.

In counselling, we can identify your goals and help you to find a way to live more meaningfully again. It’s very hard to be movivated when you’re depressed so that extra support can be helpful you get going.

Severe depression may even lead to suicidal thoughts. It is really important to talk to someone if this is something you are experiencing.

Are you in crisis? If you are currently feeling suicidal or are in immediate crisis, please get in touch with The Samaritans by calling 116 123 or Childline if you are under 18 on 0800 1111. If you are outside of the UK, please contact Befrienders Worldwide.

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